Features & Fixes - November 2016

  • Updated Backprint email unsubscribe options. Customers can now unsubscribe from (1) a specific event's emails, (2) a specific partner account's current and past event emails, (3) all emails past and future for a specific partner.
  • Email symbol encoding for subject lines and event names. Now supports HTML symbols (&$@ etc.) Also added help tips to the email campaign create page. 
  • Archival fee notice. The event homepage displays the archival fee deadline if the archival fee is set to greater than $0.00. Previously only showed 14 days in advance and after the archival date.
  • Added customer satisfaction survey at the end of the retail ordering process. After customers submit an order they will receive a survey intended to collect information about their ordering experience. Backprint will use this to inform improvements to the retail experience. 
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