FTP Photo Upload for Mac


We've found that CyberDuck is the best FTP client for transferring high volumes of images on Mac computers. 

You can download the client here for free. 

If you don't already have a Backprint FTP account, please contact us to set one up. 

To transfer images to our Upload Team:

  1. Open up Cyberduck and click Open Connection 
  2. Enter ftp.backprint.com into the Server field. Then enter your username and password that you got from the Backprint Upload Team.
  3. Click 'Connect'
  4. Make sure you have your entire event folder structure created on your local hard drive. It should look something like what you see below. The top level or root folder should have the Backprint Event ID number and event name. Inside should be your photographer folders (optional), and categories. 
  5. Then just drag and drop your event folder into CyberDuck and let the images transfer. When the transfer is complete, please email UploadTeam@backprint.com to notify them to process the images. 
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