Things to know for shooting Auto Sort media


Auto sort is a fast and simple way to get your finish line media tagged with the help of timing data from the timer of your race. Below are guidelines and things you will need to know in order to submit media for Auto Sorting purposes.

  1. Two types of Auto Sort:
    1. Shot by autonomous camera on a tripod one frame per second
    2. Shot by a person
      1. If Auto sort is shot by a person it is important that they focus on NOT changing zoom or moving the camera around too much.
      2. All runners should be shot at the same spot in the frame. Pick a spot (preferably the timing mat) to try and hit each runner on.
  • It is OK for you to shoot images with whatever amount of time in between shots as you want. For example taking one picture and waiting 5 seconds to take the next picture will not cause problems with the auto sort.
  1. Timing Mat MUST appear in the image to get the best auto sort results.
  2. If the timing mat is not in the image we end up with a bad auto sort because the time it takes one person to cover the distance to the timing mat and another person is always different.
  3. We need a Minimum of 73 images for auto sort to work properly. Media submitted with less than 73 images will need to be switched to manual sort. We need this many images at a minimum to confirm the auto sort worked properly.
  4. If you have multiple auto sort cameras, each camera’s images must be submitted in a separate folder.

When we run auto sort we apply a 1 second offset.  This means that if the person is within ½ second behind or in front of the timing mat they will get tagged.  We can change this offset to 2 or 3 seconds but when we do this you will get a bunch of “false positives” tagged to other peoples galleries.

Example of sorting results with 1 second offset:


Once you have your auto sort media seperated by camera, you can then upload it to either FTP for us to process, or directly to the event. Please note that if uploaded directly to the event, be sure and split the folder up into batches of less than 3000 images prior to upload. Anything larger than that and the auto sort program will time out and can't be run.

After your media has been processed/uploaded we will need the timing data from the timer with each participants bib number, and "finish time of day" data included. We will run the autosort with the included data and your autosort should be completed. If for some reason there is an issue with the data we will supply you with evidence that updated timing data is required.

If timers are present at your race, look into getting that info so that we can help you get your event out faster and more efficiently with our auto-sort tool!

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