The Auto Sort feature


Auto sort is one of the features that we use to help make sorting your events easier. If there is a timer present at your event, they can typically supply you with the timing data for the finishers so that if you have an auto cam or someone shooting the finish line, the images can be matched up with the times making sorting a breeze for that location, which also greatly cuts down the sort time of the event.


Rules for submitting Auto Sort media


1) If you plan on uploading autosort media please fill out the Image Estimate Form located HERE by 2pm on at LEAST the Friday before your event to ensure that your event is set up to receive auto media prior to upload. This also helps us staff accordingly when expecting incoming media.


2) Auto sort media must be seperated by camera. If you shot the finish line with 3 cameras, there will need to be at least 3 different upload sessions, depending on the amount of images shot per camera.


3) Media must be split up into batches of 3000 images or less, otherwise our sort tool will time out. This means if you have 2 cameras with 6000 images each, there will need to be 4 upload sessions, 2 sessions per camera of 3000 images per session. (a couple of hundred images over 3000 is typically okay, but anymore than that will need to be uploaded in a seperate session)


4) The person (or autocam) shooting the finish line must have the finish mat in all of the shots. This makes sure that everyone in each image is tagged properly and cuts down on false-positives.


5) The timer for your event must supply us with the following data information: "bib number" & "finish time of day". Typically "gun time" will work, but it is not guaranteed to work as some races have different start times or waves/heats which is why we recommend asking for the time of day data.


6) We normally use the high resolution images to verify the sort, so we recommend when uploading auto sort media to upload the high resolution images instead of just thumbnails.


Any other questions or comments about the auto sort process can be directed to the upload team at

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