Features & Fixes - August 2015

New Features:
  • Added ability to edit permissions on user accounts. Learn more.. 
  • Added an Active Photo count to the photo manager. Learn more...
  • Added "Other" as event type to the Invite Us to Your Next Event form on your storefront
  • Added support to edit the "download eligible" field for single participants in the View Participants section on the Marketing tab. Learn more...
  • Added image watermarking tool for horizontal photo layouts Learn more...
  • Added event/gallery level watermarking
  • Rolled out new Race Email Campaign Package
  • Added Web Res Digital Image to the mobile cart
  • Added bib and last name photo search to office site Photo Manager
  • Fixed bib tagging bug
  • Fixed timeout issue when accessing Reports menu
  • Fixed protocol issue on storefront when customer accesses photo browser after clearing their cart
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