Watermarking Photos


When it comes to watermarking your photos, Backprint has options galore. 

We support both text-based and image watermarks. You can adjust location, image coverage, opacity, font, color and size. 

Text Watermarks: Use this this to apply text watermarks to your photos. There is a Tile option which will repeat the text across the photo. Use {copyright} for ©;{trademark} for ™; and {year} for the current year.

Image Watermarks: Use this option to watermark photos with graphics or logos. You have similar layout choices as the text watermarks. You can also upload a graphic watermark file which covers the full canvas of the preview image online. Graphic watermark files must be PNG files (transparent background recommended). We recommend uploading both vertical and horizontal oriented watermark files which will be applied to the respective photo orientations. 

1. Account level watermarks: The watermark you set up in My Site > Watermarks will be the default watermark applied to all photos on your account. 

2. Gallery/Event level watermarks: You can override the account-level watermarks by creating watermarks for specific events with the Gallery Snapshot > Gallery Watermark tool. This tool should also be used to create your Branded Image Service download watermarks. For these branded photo downloads, be sure to upload both horizontal and vertical PNG watermark files with a canvas the size of the download image that you choose. For example the largest download option is 2000x1333 pixels. Therefore you want to upload a horizontal PNG watermark file at 2000x1333px, and vertical PNG watermark file at 1333x2000.

Questions? Hit up support@backprint.com and we can help customize your watermarks for copyright protection or brand exposure. 


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