Explain the different User Account types that I can create. (Photographer, Admin, Superuser)


User Security Levels & Permissions:

  • Basic/Photographer: This security level has the fewest permissions. Users at this level can only login, view galleries, and upload photos to the galleries. 
  • Admin: Admin users can use all tools except order and financial reports. They won't be able to access order reports or payment reports. 
  • Superuser: Superusers have unlimited permissions to all tools and features. 

Resetting Passwords:

To reset a user password, visit My Site > Users tab and click [reset password]. It will reset the password to 'password' and prompt the user to change it the first time the login. 

Notes about managing users:

  • The original account holder cannot be edited except to reset the password.
  • Superusers can change the security level of other non-superusers.
  • Superusers can deactivate accounts. This action cannot be undone. 
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