Features & Fixes - July 2015

Welcome to the July edition of Backprint's Features and Fixes! 
New Features:
  • Added the [Synch Participant Data to Photos] button for photo search and marketing. Learn more...
  • Ability to limit free photos by participant (Branded Image Service feature) Learn more...
  • Added three new storefront look & feel options (dusty purple, navy, tan)
  • Credit Card Service Charge History report is now exportable to CSV file
  • Removed small black line on gallery images
  • "Update" button on [Update Photo] page in Photo Manager now closes modal and parent page refreshes to show changes.
  • Fixed Signature Photo category setting bug
  • Sell-thru column on Event Summary report updated
  • Bug with send-from address field on email single email marketing templates fixed
A quick note about some upcoming roll-outs. In mid-August we will be making changes to our wholesale pricing to reflect our new lab arrangement. A list of the new pricing is here. Pricing will not change for the most popular print sizes, and we've event managed to decrease pricing for some products. Other pricing increases are slight but necessary to reflect the new cost structure. 

Lastly, we will be adding graphic artwork services for custom product artwork, logos, custom event web skin design, custom CSS site design, and custom email campaign design. We're looking forward to offering these great design services to you. 
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