What is the 'Synch Participant Data to Photos' button?


You may have noticed this new button in the marketing tab and are wondering what it does. This action is the secret sauce to make photos tagged with a bib or keyword connect to the participant data document you upload. This action runs automatically the first time you flip an event live, but only if (1) photos are uploaded and tagged; (2) participant data is imported. 

Why this button is important and when to use it:

Participant data is the key to photo search and email marketing with Backprint. This action allows photos to be searched by name, bib number, keyword. It also ensures that email campaigns send the correct campaign types to your marketing lists.

Use this button if you check the [view participants] list on the Marketing tab and you know photos have been tagged with bibs or IDs but you notice that all of the participants have a "No" in the "Has Photos" column. This will ensure that the data and photos are linked up and people can search and email campaigns will work. 

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