Features & Fixes - September 2014

  • Removed 1,000 image limit on Web Upload sessions.
  • Added a "mobile cart" view with limited items that displays when uservisits from a device with a smaller screen. This is the first phase in our development of a mobile friendly Backprint checkout experience.
  • Added an HTML email preview tool. View real-time changes to your email campaigns right on the email create page.  Click the "Preview" button.
  • Fixed the Lost and Found category not loading in Internet Explorer.
  • Moved outbound email communication to "do not reply" formatting - this also helped to alleviate delayed delivery issues and digital order confirmations not being delivered.
  • Fixed issue causing the Bypass Event Homepage feature to not work consistently.
  • Fixed issue with slash causing errors on URL - If customer pasted or clicked a shared URL with slash on end then they got 404 and linked to wrong place.
  • Unable to proceed past shipping page error - Resolved an issue causing some partner customers to be unable to proceed past shipping page when no logo was uploaded.
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