Limiting Photo Downloads by Participant


Backprint allows you to choose who can download free photos and who can't. This is useful for events that have a pre-paid photo package or VIP set-up. There is no need to create an additional event and you can still sell a full menu of prints and products to all participants. The magic of the free download can be turned on and off as long as you are using participant data in your event set-up. 

Since this is a Branded Image Service, you'll first want to be sure to complete set-up form here: Branded Image Service Submission

Once you log your event, you can set it up to only show the download button for specific participants:

1. Download the data_template from the Participant Data Upload section on the event Snapshot page: 

 2. Add a "1" to the download_eligible column in the data for those that will get free downloads:

3. Set up the event to Offer Free Photo Download & Limit Free Photo by Participant in the Gallery Details section of the Event Snapshot tab:

Additionally, you can edit the participant list to enable and disable downloads after the participant list is imported. Just click View Gallery Participants on the Marketing tab:

Then find your participant (we recommend using the native browser "Find" function - CNTRL/CMMD + F), click on their name, and check or uncheck the Download Eligible button: 

*Downloads will be charged to your account at the rate of $0.05 per photo available for download. There is a minimum charge of $25 per event for free downloads. 

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