Uploading and Sorting Your Images On Backprint


Many of you photograph endurance races and benefit from our image tagging services and photo search tools. We have teams of image taggers (we call them sorters) around the world who key in participant numbers to make photos easily searchable. 

If you are looking to have your events sorted and prefer to manage that workflow yourself, we have a solution!

Having your images sorted

  • Once you've created your gallery and uploaded your images use the "web sort" button allows you to activate sorting on your images. It is located on the Images Received report on the Snapshot page of all galleries. 
  • **If an upload session isn't complete you'll see a [Close Upload Session] button. Click this, and the [Move to Websort] button will show. You'll also want to click the the ID number to see what images were uploaded so you can drop those that didn't into a new folder and finish your upload.  


  • When You have finished uploading, click the [move to web sort] button for all media items (upload sessions) that you want tagged.

    The charge is $0.01 per bib tagged and will be charged the first Friday of the month following your event. 

  • Once you click the button there is no going back. The images will be tagged and you will be charged.

Sorting Status

  • To see the status of image sorting, click the Photo Manager Tab > then click Advanced Options > Web Sort Tools. On this page you'll see rolls remaining to sort and rolls sorted. Once remaining to sort reaches 0 you are ready to go live! Upload your participant data and send out your marketing campaign.



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