Can I sell custom products? (AKA, what is a "wildcard item"?)


Yes! You can sell custom products that we do not fulfill. Let's say you want to sell canvas prints, or photo baseballs, or prints on metal...or any other type of photo product which we can't fulfill - just use the Wildcard products and sell them right alongside everything else on your Backprint storefront.

There are two different kinds of Wildcards:

(1) A Wildcard item that charges shipping, which is based on the retail price you set for the item (see shipping schedule below). We collect the shipping charge and pass it directly to you in your revenue check.

(2) Wildcard - no shipping which does not charge the customer shipping. This is good for digital items and the like.  

Here's how to set them up:

  1. Add one or more Wildcard items to a template or product menu.
  2. Rename the Wildcard and add a description. Add a retail price.
  3. When someone orders the item, check your Order Reports and filter by "self-fulfill" orders. Fulfill the order and click the "Mark Shipped" button.

If the order has items we fulfill and wildcard items, we'll fulfill our products and the order status will go to "External Backprint Orders". This is another way to tell you have orders to fulfill. 

*Note, you only get paid for orders that are marked "Shipped", so don't forget to fulfill and click the "Mark Shipped" button!


Wildcard Shipping Schedule (you keep this money since you incur the cost of shipping):

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