FTP Upload Guidelines - FileZilla


*If you don't already have a Backprint FTP account, please email the upload team to request one.


The instructions below are for using the FileZilla client. 

Once you have your FTP account info you can download FileZilla.

After the client has been downloaded please follow these steps:

1) Click on "File" => "Site Manager" then click on "New Site"

2) Change the Encryption Type to "Only use plain FTP (Insecure)"

3) Enter your FTP login credentials into the window and click connect.

Once connected to the FTP you will need to go to "Settings" and set the "Transfer Type" to "Binary". You will also need to uncheck the box labeled "Treat files without extension as ASCII file" in the "File Types" section of the "Settings" menu. See below:

Once that is all complete, drag your event folder into FileZilla and click "Transfer" at the top, then click "process queue" to begin the upload process. Your folder structure should look like the following:

Once upload is completed you will need to upload a "COMPLETED" folder inside the event folder, and inside of the "COMPLETED" folder you will need to place your completely filled out Image Management Worksheet (IMW) which can be found in the support section of your Backprint partner site. It would also be advantageous to email a copy of the IMW to the upload team so that they have a direct way to know that your event upload is complete and we can begin processing your event as soon as possible.


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