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2016 Payment and Income Reporting Update:

We will publish a complete 2016 payment and order report with relevant sales tax information by February 1, 2017 to the Reports page under the Payments section. The link will say "2016 Account Payment Report." This report will download as a CSV spreadsheet. 


Looking for information about income and sales tax on the new Office site? Backprint collects Sales Tax based on the State and Rate that you set-up on your account. We then pass that amount from each order to you in your payments. You are responsible for reporting and paying sales tax and income taxes according to the tax laws which regulate your tax situation. We are unable to provide tax advice.

All of the payment and order history can be exported to a CSV spreadsheet for easy organization and accounting. 

Records of sales and payments from 2014 and earlier can be found on:

> Reports page

> Archived Account History link

This link will download a CSV of all order and payment activity from December 31, 2014 and earlier. 

Records of sales and payments from 2015 and going forward can all be found on:

> Reports page

> Payments report

Choose your payment period to load a snapshot. Click Export to CSV to download the report. 

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