Wholesale Bulk Ship Ordering on the new office site


Wholesale bulk ship ordering has changed slightly with the new office site.  Please see these steps below to ensure you order products correctly.  Step 3 is the biggest change to the system.


Step 1. Place your first wholesale bulk ship order via Office.  At the end of the order process you will see a "payment" button at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the "payment" button:

Step 2. If you would like to add another order to this batch click on the "create another order" button.  If you do not want to create a new order you can use this screen to pay for the first order.

Step 3. Here is the NEW step for ordering in office!  Now that you are on your second order you need to confirm that you want this order added to the same batch as the first order.  You must click the "add to batch" check box shown on this screen to get it to add to that batch.  If you do not click this you will end up with a brand new batch and this order will not ship with the first order.




If you do not click the "add to batch" button, you will create a new wholesale batch for the order you are working on.  This system will allow you to work on multiple batches at the same time. Once you have created a new wholesale batch you will now see two options when you start your next order.  See screen shot below:


Please call or email us with any questions you might have! ordersupport@backprint.com or 817-439-6301

We are here to help!

The backprint team

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