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At $.05/image posted, our Branded Image Service is an affordable and effective way to drive brand awareness, for your client, sponsor and/or event. Sponsored image services continues to grow in popularity for event photography as traditional speculative sales decline and sponsors are looking for more interactive ways to engage their customers.  If the image is downloaded 0 or 100 times, the cost is only .05 for each image uploaded to the event!*

We have several different types of branded image services available.  Please visit these links to review our options:

Basic Free Download Event -
Branded Download Event -
Share Photo To Facebook -
Facebook Demographics Sample -

Additionally, we can limit downloads by participant for VIP or pre-sold photo packages.

It is also possible to limit downloads by category/location for a "hybrid" type of model which, for example, preserves higher value photos from a race finish location for retail sale, but allows free download for a lower value course location. Below is an example: Limit Category -

Download file size can be set at 500-2000 pixels wide on its longest side.  A 2000 pixel wide image is big enough to print an 11x14.

Photo downloads can have custom, full image watermarks, to display one or more brands or event logos. Learn more about watermarks...

We provide data metrics reports for photo engagement for these services, demonstrating real ROI for the event and sponsors.  Data include site engagement metrics; Facebook engagement (likes, comments, impressions); branded email metrics; proprietary database engagement metrics for downloads and sales.

If you are interested in trying one of these services please contact Galen Davis at or give him a call at 817-439-6353.  

Once you are ready to submit an event with one of our branded image services please fill out this submission form so that we can properly set up the event for you (please submit form at least one week before the event happens)


If you would like an example of this "free photo" event flow from the participants perspective, check out the attached titled "Free Photo-Participant Flow.pdf"


*Downloads will be charged to your account at the rate of $0.05 per photo available for download. If there are fewer than 1,000 photos available for download, a $25 set-up fee will be charged. 


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