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**Please be advised that the "web photo sorter" is not available unless you have contacted backprint support and requested that it be added to your account.  The web photo sorter is designed to help photographers that shoot race events and need a tool for identifying bib numbers.  Please contact us at support@backprint.com if you are interested in this tool to see if it would be right for you!

If you already have the web photo sorter, please see instructions below. (Downloadable version available at the bottom of this article.)


Web Photo Sorter Tagging Instructions

Your Backprint account now has our brand new Web Sort tool which allows you to tag images with numbers and keywords to allow easy photo search for your customers. You can prioritize and seamlessly tag photos for multiple events/galleries and, best of all, up to 10 sorters can work at a time from anywhere with an internet connection.

First step is to set the sorting priority for each event:

1) Upload photos for all events you want to tag

2) Go to the Photo Manager > Advanced Options > Web Sort Tools

3) Set the numerical Sorting Priority for each event. Each event should have a different priority.  The system will default to priority 20, but for your most important event set the priority to 1, next priority set as 2 and so on.  **NO need to change priority if you only have one event to sort.  Setting priority is only helpful if you have multiple events uploaded and ready to sort.  You can leave the priority at 20 if you only have one event to sort.

Now install and login to the bright Sort Web Sort Tool:

1) Go to the Photo Manager of any event you want to tag

2) Click Advanced Options > Web Sorter

3) This will open a new window and prompt you to install Microsoft Silverlight if it is not already installed on your computer

4) A new window will open to the bright Sort page tool

5) Click [login] in the top right. You have 10 logins that follow the accountname_sort1, accountname_sort2 formula. Password is the same as the login. You can see all of your logins under My Site > Users tab.

You are ready to tag photos:

1) Click the Sorter tab on the top right of the page. 

2) Choose a category. If you have not created and uploaded to categories, you must choose “uncategorized” from the drop down.

3) Images are loaded in batches of “rolls” to the sorter. Each sorter will work on a single roll at a time. When you reach the end of a “roll” (36/36 or however many photos are in that roll) click the Save & Submit button.

4) Note that you must click the next arrow (shortcut = page up key) to enable Save & Submit after the last image in the roll is tagged. When you reach the end of a roll the Save & Submit button will highlight. Click to save and move on.

5) When you reach the end of the photos and events you have set with a priority, bright Sort will give you a message “no rolls to sort, try again later”.

Access Statistics and Progress:

1) View Individual user sorting statistics and progress across all events in a desired time frame from the Web Sort Tools page (Photo Manager > Advanced Options).

2) View Event Roll progress statistics from Web Sort Tools page. Sort statistics make it easy to track a sorters progress and can be used for “per-roll” or “per-image” compensation purposes.

When Sort is Complete…

After you have sorted all of the rolls loaded to the event go back to the Web Sort Tools page and change the sort priority number back to “0”. This will keep the event from loading to the Web Sorter again.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

We recommend you get familiar with the keyboard shortcuts. They are detailed on the Help tab and at the end of these instructions.

Bright Sort is designed to be used with 10-key keyboards.

Keyboard Shortcuts for bright Sort:

_ Page Up = Advance to Next Image

_ Page Down = Back to Previous Image

_ Plus (+) Key = Zoom In

_ Minus (-) Key = Zoom Out

_ Decimal (.) Key = Fit Image On Screen

_ Up Arrow Key = Rotate Image 90◦ Clockwise

_ Down Arrow Key = Rotate Image 90◦ Counter Clockwise

_ Shift Key + CNTL + Up Arrow Key = Rotate ALL Images 90◦ Clockwise

_ Shift Key + CNTL + Down Arrow Key = Rotate ALL Images 90◦ Counter Clockwise

_ Shift Key + Right Arrow Key = Copy Bibs & Rotation to Next Image

_ Shift Key + Left Arrow Key = Copy Bibs & Rotation to Previous Image

_ Shift Key + Delete Key = Toggle Image Deletion

_ Shift Key + Up Arrow Key = Toggle Zoom

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