Payment Update | New Payment Reporting

2015 New Year Payment Breakdown:
Payments made on Monday, January 5 includes revenue from 12/23/2014 through 12/31/2014. 
Payment made on Thursday, January 8th for revenue generated from 1/1/2015 through 1/8/2015. This will put us back on track for bi-weekly (every two weeks) Thursday payments going forward. 
New Payment Reporting: 
In January 2015 we are moved to a new payment report which shows better detail in a single view. To cut-over from the old report to the new, we archived all payment reports from 2014 and earlier into a downloadable XLS/PDF view. 
You can access your archived 2014 and older payment history by clicking "reports" and then click the link for [Archived Account History]
Payments from 2015 going forward are all detailed in the Payments report. They are organized by payment period and each payment period can be downloaded to a CSV spreadsheet. These reports are only available by Payment period (not customizable date range) because the report only shows settled transactions which have been shipped and for which revenue has been paid. To view orders by date range, use the Order Summary report. 
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