How to get started on


Once you go to, you will need to login and follow these 5 easy steps!

Step 1:

Read and agree to the new terms of service:


Step 2:

 There is no step two... We move straight to step 3!

Step 3:

Enter credit card information.  (We must have a card on file to set up the new website)


Step 4: 

Customize your storefront.  We have three color themes to choose from: White, Grey or Black.  You can also modify the welcome text for your storefront on this screen.  If you are interested in a custom CCS store front design please contact us at or give us a call at 817-439-6301 to discuss details for this.


Step 5: 

Add your logo to the storefront.  Please be aware that the new website will not work without a logo. 

You can also upload up to 5 photos for the rotating slide show that will show on your storefront. Please be sure to crop the photos to the suggested size.


Once you have completed step 5 you are done and ready to start selling photos on the new website!! Please contact or call us at 817-439-6301 if you have any questions on this process.  We look forward to working with you and help you make that $$$!

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    joyce heringer

    called that number and got a no longer in service

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