Features & Fixes - May 29, 2014


Below you'll find a list of new features and fixes published on May 29, 2014.  Keep in mind we are only supporting new features on the www2 platform.  

If you opened your account before October 30, 2013, contact support@backprint.com for information about moving to the new platform (it's free!).  


  • Enhancements to customer order confirmation page.
  • Enabled coupon orders with $0 totals to skip checkout billing screen. 
  • Added 20 different data tracking points to learn customer behavior and improve e-commerce experience.
  • Updated storefront privacy policy to explain data tracking.


  • Bug fix to allow email addresses with special characters. 
  • Updated cart shipping line item to always show correct ship method.  (Removed inaccurate "free shipping" text.)
  • Added error checking to fix duplicate order bugs.
  • Updated country code abbreviations to 3 digit codes.
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