Hello New Servers (and what that means for old events)

We have some big news accompanied with some very important information.  
First the big news:  We're getting all new servers and a brand new database!  For information technology folks it's akin to winning the lottery. For everyone else, it means faster webpage and photo loading, and quicker response for all actions on the storefront and office admin sites. In short: a better user experience for you and your customers. 
The important information:  As we transition the millions of photos and all of your account information over, we will only be bringing along events going back to January 1, 2012.  That's more than two and a half years of events moving into the new digs.  Events older than 1/1/2012 will be deleted permanently.   We didn't just pick that date out of a hat.  
Here's the data:
  • So far in 2014 you have collectively generated 31,773 orders (wow)!  
  • Of these orders, just 231 were from events older 1/1/2012.  That's just 0.7% of all orders.

We're excited about these changes and the positive effect they will have on the Backprint experience for you and your customers.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.   

Thanks for your attention!

-The Backprint Team 
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