Two-Step Upload: Uploading Thumbnails then High-resolution to Fulfill Orders


We are often asked by partners if there is a way to upload images for customers to view and purchase, but if we can hold off on fulfilling the order until the partner has a chance to edit the photo to perfection.  

The answer is YES--you can upload using our "thumbnails only" setting and when someone orders those photos, we'll notify you to upload the high-resolution image(s) through your Image Upload Requested (IUR) report.  Here's the breakdown:


1.  Choose "Thumbnails ONLY" upload:

**No need to re-size your photos to thumbnails for this upload.  The upload tool will create a thumbnail from your high-resolution images and leave the actual high-res images behind.**


2.  Your customer places an order:

3. We notify you by email and on your IMAGE UPLOAD REQUESTED REPORT that we need the high-resolution image(s) uploaded:  


4. Browse your files, upload, and we'll process the order!  

**IMPORTANT NOTE*** The file name of the original photo uploaded via "thumbnail-only", and the file name of the high-resolution photo uploaded via the the Image Upload Request report must be exactly the same.

Special Note Regarding File Naming For Images
- No spaces
- No Special Characters i.e. ~!@#$%^&*()+=
- The can contain “_” and “–“ however they cannot be at the beginning of a file
I.E.: “_123456.jpg” is BAD “123_456.jpg” is acceptable.

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