Sell Photos in 5 Minutes Using Backprint (Gallery Setup)


Ok, actual time may vary, especially if you are uploading a large number of photos, but if you follow the steps below you'll have an online gallery for customers to order photos from in no time.

Step 1-

Logon to and Create a Gallery.

Step 2-

Enter some basic information for your event, these details affect how the event shows online to your customers. Choose the first option for turning the gallery live to do some setup and upload before making the gallery visible to customers.

Step 3

Upload the photos you'd like to sell online via one of our upload methods.

(if you have a high volume of images email on how you should best submit)

Step 4

For this example I used the drag/drop uploader. Once all files have been uploaded remember to click the finalize button. (file size will affect the length of time upload takes as images will be resized on your local machine).

Step 5-

Review your product offering by clicking the products tab.

Set your prices, add additional products, and prepare to start making money!

Step 6-

Once you have your products/prices set head to the snapshot page.

Here you'll do a final QA before posting photos online!

Take note of the gallery ID under the gallery cover image.

All backprint URL's use a simple url structure


Use this structure to help you distribute the url to potential customers!


When you are ready to sell photos click the "Post Photos Online" button with the number 4 or in the Quicklinks section. You can verify your event is live by clicking the "View Gallery Homepage" button.


Step 7

Watch those orders stream in!

If you have photographed an event where there is a participant list with e-mails we can help you make even more money!

Follow the instructions in this post if you want to e-mail market to participants at your event.

As always, contact a member of the support team via should you have questions.


The Backprint Team

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