Image Categories and Sales Breakdown By Category


Backprint’s category tool helps aggregate images online, simplifying search for your retail customers while valuably tracking what locations sold best. We all know that customers want to find their images FAST, and separating photos into categories is a great help. 

Create categories:

  1. Locate the event you’d like to create categories for in the Galleries page.
  2. Locate the Photo Categories link in the tools section of the Snapshot tab.
  3. Enter the desired category name then click Add New. Repeat this process as needed for each separate category.
  4. Categories will display in alphabetical order. To change the sort order use the Sort Order column and number them in the order you want categories to display.
  5. To change the name of an existing category, just edit and click [Update]
  6. Click Close when complete.

Categories will now show online.


Viewing Event/Gallery Sales by category

1. Locate the Orders & Revenue tab in the event you’d like to review category sales for.
2. Click the “View Sales by Photographer” button.
3. With Photo Filters set to “All Photographers – All Categories – All Sports” click the refresh button.

4. You can now review sales by category and photographer.

Special Note

When sending in images by FTP, be sure to name folders in accordance with category you’d like them uploaded as.

When uploading with the Web Upload Tool, be sure to select the category you created that corresponds to the images you are uploading.

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