Common Customer Questions (FAQ)



Q. How can I confirm that my order was submitted?

After clicking 'Submit' during the ordering process, the customer will see a confirmation and order number. Your customers will also be sent a confirmation email receipt after submitting their order. It will be sent to the email address listed during the ordering process.

If you customer cannot locate their confirmation email, you can search by name or email address to confirm that an order was submitted: Viewing Order Status and Details


Q. When will I receive my order?

Digital Products will be shipped to the customer's email address as a digital download link. Digital products may be received in as little as 1 hour and no more than 1-2 days after the order is submitted.

Note: Because Web Resolution Images are smaller, they typically ship to the customer's email address within 1 hour as an attachment. This is the only digital product that does not ship as a digital download link.

Prints and Products

Standard turn-around time for prints is 1-2 weeks and products 2-4 weeks. This can vary based on the number of orders flowing through the lab (think busy season!) and you will typically see orders at 'shipped' status and out for shipping much faster (3-8 days for prints and 5-15 days for products.) However, we encourage you to quote standard turn-around time to customers.

Note: Turn-around time is the time from which the order placed to when it leaves our facility. Actual shipping times may vary.


Q. I should have received my order by now. Where is it?!

If your customer should have already received their prints and/or products, it's possible that the order was lost via shipping. Don't worry! We're more than happy to resubmit the order at no cost to you or your customer.

First, confirm the shipping address with the customer.  When contacting to request that we resubmit the order, you must include the order number and whether or not you have confirmed the shipping address.


Q. I received my order but there's something wrong with it!

Did the customer receive bad cropping or a damaged product? We're more than happy to resubmit the order at no cost to you or your customer. Email with the order number and reason for resubmit (cropping, damage, etc.) Provide details if possible, as it will better help us to prevent the problem again.



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