Coupons - Creating and Managing


Coupons are a great way to drive purchases and draw people into your storefront. Additionally you can sell "gift cards" or coupon codes before an event to capture pre sales. E-mail a member of support for more ideas of good coupon uses or if you have a unique situation.

Create a coupon that is valid for all galleries on your account by going to My Site >
Manage Your Coupons. 

(My Site > Coupons)

Or, create a coupon that is only valid for a specific gallery by creating a coupon from
that Gallery’s Snapshot page.

(Gallery Snapshot > Coupons) 

Coupon Settings:

  • Coupon Code: For a single coupon, this will be the code customers enter during checkout. For multiple coupons, this will be the prefix and the system will append randomly generated numbers. 
  • Multiple Coupons: Set the quantity of coupon codes to be generated. To offer a single code to all customers, select (1).
  • Amount: Choose a flat value or discount percentage.
  • Max Uses: Choose how many times the code(s) can be used. *Tip: use a single coupon and multiple max uses to distribute a single code to a large group of customers. 
  • Minimum Order Amount: The minimums dollar amount of the subtotal of the order for the coupon to be active. For example: To offer a discount on orders $20 or more, enter 19 in this field.  
  • Expiration Date: At 12AM Central Time the coupon will become inactive. For example: To make a coupon valid through 2/11/2015, enter 2/12/2016.

Large Quantity Coupon Programs

To create more than 50 coupons at a time, please contact

Things to remember when creating coupons:

  • When you create just one coupon, the code will be just the letters or numbers that you choose as a prefix. 
  • When creating more than one coupon, a random 4 digit number will be appended to the prefix for each code. 
  • The coupon expiration date must be within year of today’s date. 
  • The minimum order threshold must be exceeded for the coupon to work. If you want someone to be able to use a coupon for exactly a $20 order, make the threshold $19.
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