Image Tagging and Upload Services (do you shoot races?)


Do you shoot races?  Marathons, triathlons, cycling, mud runs, color runs, obstacle courses...any event in which participants wear a bib number?  

These events are our specialty.  We can help you tag images with participant bib numbers, upload to categories, and send people directly to their photos with our email marketing.

- Cost: $0.01 per bib tagged

- Create the event in advance:  

  1. Create the event in Backprint Office and select "Yes" for participant identification, estimate the number of images to be identified.
  2. Create categories (Click here for help)
  3. Add photographers 

- Shoot the event, organize the images, upload to Backprint.

- How to submit images (choose any option below):

  • Upload through the Web Upload Tool*
  • High Volume (10,000 images or more)
    • FTP
    • Hard Drive (mail to: Backprint Upload, 3333 Quorum Drive - Ste 200, Fort Worth, TX 76137)
    • DVD  (mail to: Backprint Upload, 3333 Quorum Drive - Ste 200, Fort Worth, TX 76137)

*When uploading through the web uploader, you request your images to be sorted, read the guide here.

Important Information: Backprint will tag and upload event photos as indicated in your image count estimate.  Turnaround is generally 12-48 hours.  To ensure the fastest processing you must complete the image Count Estimate.  Events are processed on a "first-in, first-out" basis, with priority given to events scheduled in advance.


Estimate images when you create a new gallery-



Estimate images on a gallery already created by editing the Gallery Details




For any questions about weekend upload, submitting estimates, event tagging/upload notifications, processing progress, or other issues with upload and image tagging, please email our Upload Team.   

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