Uploading Images to a Gallery via Web Upload (Chrome Browser)


*The Uploader was updated to a Chrome Browser-optimized, HTML5 (no plugins necessary!) version on February 1, 2016.

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Uploading Photos to a Gallery via Web Upload

The Web Uploader is a fast and simple solution to get images online for customers ASAP. This application was custom-programmed for Backprint as a volume photo upload solution. *Keep in mind upload speeds are dependent on computer processing power, reliable uniterrupted internet connection, and size of the upload batch. We recommend breaking uploads into separate folders with 3000 photos or fewer and using the [Add Folder(s)] option. 

To upload images using the web uploader:

1. Login to your Office account in the Google Chrome browser. Locate the gallery / event you’d like to Upload Photos for in the Galleries Page.

2. Go to the Upload Photos tab. 

3. Select your Upload type: High-Res + Thumbnails OR Thumbnails Only (What's the difference?)

4. Set the Web Size. This will be the size of the Preview image on your storefront. The Preview is the image shows after one clicks on a thumbnail. 

5. Choose to Add Folder(s) of images (recommended), OR Add Files. You may add more than one folder per upload batch. (Choosing individual files will allow you to select different category/sub-category/photographer for each file. But there is no bulk-selection tool, which requires you to make selections for each file. *Also note that if you want media auto-sorted, the folders to be autosorted need to be uploaded seperately and in batches of 3000 or less)

6. Choose your category, sub-category, photographer. These settings are optional. Category, sub-category, photographers have to be added to the event before upload. 

7. Click Upload >> The upload progress will show and after the upload completes, you'll be taken to a page which shows images received in the upload session along with any previous session. 

**If the internet connection is interrupted, you will see and "upload failed" message. You can click the Upload>> button again after your connection is back and the Uploader will pick up where the old session left off. Alternatively, you can check the Images Received page to see where to begin your upload again. We recommend making a new folder of images to complete where the original session left off.

Your images have now been uploaded to the gallery. Remember, you still need to Post Photos Online to allow customers to find their photos.

**Want to have your images tagged with bib numbers by our team? It's easy! Learn more...

Aurigma Web Uploader


Special Note Regarding File Naming For Images
- No spaces
- No Special Characters i.e. ~!@#$%^&*()+=
- The can contain “_” and “–“ however they cannot be at the beginning of a file
I.E.: “_123456.jpg” is BAD “123_456.jpg” is acceptable.

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