Setting Up Sales Tax with Backprint


2015 Payment and Income Reporting Update:

We will publish a complete 2015 payment and order report with relevant sales tax information by February 1, 2016 to the Reports page under the Payments section. The link will say "2015 Account Payment Report." This report will download as a CSV spreadsheet. 


Tax law is as easy to understand as quantum mechanics. To help reduce the number of audits and other unwanted legal attention from the government Backprint will collect taxes in the states that you specify for the amounts you specify. 

If this is left blank, Backprint will collect no sales tax. You have the sole responsibility of assessing and paying sales tax in the states in which you are doing business based on the tax law of the state. Any sales tax collected by Backprint will be included in your weekly payment.

Set up sales tax in 3 easy steps

1. Locate the Sales Tax tab on the My Site page

2. Click the Add a new state button, choose the state and enter the desired % of sales tax to be collected.

3. (New) Choose if you want sales tax to be collected on digital items.

Google your local government state website or use a website like - if you are unsure about your state tax rate.

Remember - you are responsible for reporting tax. We do not report or pay sales tax on your behalf--this is your responsibility. 

Be sure to keep up with changes in tax rates as they do fluctuate.

**Backprint cannot offer legal advice regarding sales tax. If you have questions or are unsure about tax laws and responsibilities, please consult a tax attorney.

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