Uploading Images to a Gallery via FTP


Uploading Photos to a Gallery via FTP

Sending in images via FTP is a great solution for partners who typically send in more than 5,000 images, especially when those images need to be sorted.

Don't have a Backprint FTP account? Request one.

To send images via FTP:

1. Locate the gallery EID/Name for the event you’d like to send in on FTP

Gallery ID can be found circled in yellow below

2. Submit a completed image estimate form for the event

3. Using your FTP account and appropriate folder organization,
send images ASAP using an FTP client like Filezilla

Folder Organization when sending by FTP

4. Once finished sending complete an IMW and upload it in a folder named “completed” to notify the backprint team you have finished sending.

5. You will receive a notification from the upload team once the event has been processed
and photos are ready to be posted.

Special Note Regarding File Naming For Images
- No spaces
- No Special Characters i.e. ~!@#$%^&*()+=
- The can contain “_” and “–“ however they cannot be at the beginning of a file
I.E.: “_123456.jpg” is BAD “123_456.jpg” is acceptable.

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