Using Search Fields With Backprint (Last Name, Category and others)


Backprint’s search field tools help provide additional ways in which participants can
locate their photo. If you have questions about search tools ask someone on our
Support Team.

Adding Search Fields
1. Locate the event you’d like to add search fields to in the Galleries page.
2. Click the Photo Search Fields link.
3. Check the box(es) to enable desired search field(s).
4. Participants will now be able to search with the added types.
Search Fields

Search Fields setup on Backprint Office

Search Types Explained

All search types require a properly formatted participant data list (unless data was collected via self-registration). If no search types are added the Photo Browser and Lost and Found links will be displayed.

Last Name – allows participant to search by their last name.
Linked to last_name field in data template.

Bib Number – allows participants to search by identification number.
Linked to participant_id field in data template.

Card Number – allows participants to search by a number identifier
(bib number could be used alternatively)

Name – allows participants to search by full name using a drop down list.
Linked to name fields in data template.

Keyword – allows participants to search by a keyword or alpha character logged in the
meta data of the image

Category – allows a participant to search via the categories you created for the event
(this disables all other search types)

Photo ID – allows participants to search by 11 digit Backprint photo id number.


Example of search fields on retail site

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