Features & Fixes - February 2014


Dear Backprint Partners-


Below you'll find a list of new features and fixes published so far in February.  Keep in mind we are only supporting new features and fixes on the new www2 platform. Contact support@backprint.com for information about moving to the new platform. 



  • Backprint is live on a new partner support platform.  It's our goal to provide responsive communication and support, and we're excited about this upgrade. 
  • Added Event ID, Event Name, Customer Name, Billing Name to partner order confirmation email headers.
  • Bypass event homepage feature live.  Set events to bypass the event home page and go straight to the photo browser.  Set this up in Gallery Details.  



  • Underlined product name link in cart. Link expands to show product sample image.
  • Fixed bug with wildcard shipping collection.
  • Fixed password-protected event display issue on event search page.
  • Fixed storefront privacy link and page.


Thanks for your attention!   

-The Backprint Team 

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