Features & Fixes - January 2014

Below you'll find a list of new features and fixes published in January.  Keep in mind we are only supporting new features and fixes on the new www2 platform. Contact support@backprint.com  for information about moving to the new platform. 
  • Require Email Registration Tool: Go to Gallery Details and turn on a new feature which requires customers to enter their email address before viewing photos.  
  • Emails drop into the participant database for the event for easy email re-marketing.
  • New Cart Icons: Updated print, product, digital product icons.
  • Race Campaign Email Package Update: Updated email marketing option definitions, improved email title descriptions, updated email scheduling, fixed typos.
  • New "Tiled Image Mugs": Add this new mug to your events.  No dead space, attractive layout.
  • Virtual Clock Enhancement: Offer a digital clock enhancement on standard size prints.  Customers enter their finish time during checkout.
  • Office site optimization for faster page loading.
  • Order button will not display if products are not loaded to the event.
  • Fixed customer service information bug which displayed wrong contact info.
  • Fixed link bug on category and gallery filters.
  • Fixed partner order confirmation email sending issues. 
  • Fixed High-Resolution Digital image product description bug.
Thanks for your attention!   

The Backprint Team 
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