Understanding Specific E-mails and Generic E-mails on Backprint (aka "with photos" & "without photos")


Backprint offers 2 types of e-mail pushes. Specific E-mails and Generic E-mails are the names of our simple templates. They can also more accurately be identified by the "who to send to" fields when you create a campaign.

So what do those participant check boxes mean?

Data file with Photos & Self-Registered with Photos: Only participants with photos tagged to their participant_id record will receive the email. The link generated by using one of our templates will direct participants straight to their photo gallery

Data file without photos & Self-registered without photos: Only participants without photos tagged to them get these email campaigns. Email directs customers to main event page where they can use the photo browser or lost and found (because they don’t have any photos tagged!)

Our E-mail campaign packages uses a mixture of specific and generic e-mails to drive customers to your storefront.


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