Uploading Participant Data


Backprint e-mail marketing allows you to market event photos directly to customers
when e-mail information is captured. E-mail marketing serves to capture even more revenue for your event by driving customers directly to their galleries to order.

To start e-mail marketing you must first capture data that includes e-mails.

1. Locate the Participant Data Upload link on the Snapshot tab of the gallery
you’d like to upload data for

2. Use the template file and load the data you have into the template, being sure
to save as a .csv file (You’ll need some sort of spreadsheet software like Excel,
Open Office or equivalent program capable of saving .csv), It is critical to use the exact same column headers to ensure succesful data import. 

3. After about 5 minutes your data will either read Imported or Import Error. If
you get an error it’s likely due to formatting. Be sure all column names match the
template and the file is a .csv file and retry. If your issues persists contact support.

At Import

Successful Import

4. Go to the Marketing Tab and click View Gallery Participants to ensure the data imported correctly. 

5. Synch the data and to the photos

NOTE: Always upload data before turning a gallery live


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