Sending Email Campaign Packages vs. Single Emails


Backprint has robust e-mail marketing tools to help you reach your customers.

An Email Campaign Package is a series of emails that automatically send over time. The emails send at pre-scheduled intervals, with the first email sending on the date the package is created. Each e-mail send date is calculated from the date the package is created. Backprint recommends loading a package only if the photos are ready to be posted live and data is uploaded and imported. No emails will send unless photos are posted live and marketing data has been uploaded and imported. Always check the [view gallery participants] link on the Marketing tab to be sure data uploaded successfully.

Email Templates are individual emails that make up a Campaign Package. These can be loaded as one-off emails and the “When to Send” data defaults to the date you load the template.


To send a campaign package of e-mails follow the instructions below.

1. Locate the event you’d like to Send emails for in the Galleries Page

2. Make sure you have participant data uploaded 

3. Locate the Marketing tab and click the Create New E-mail Campaign Button

4. Choose the Campaign Package you'd like to send and click OK to create.

5. Take note of the e-mail send dates, subjects and change as desired (if at all).

NOTE: Complete any desired e-mail testing before moving to the next step.

To test an e-mail/send a copy to yourself simply click the Test button next to the e-mail you'd like to test and enter the desired test e-mail address.

6. To release e-mail and publish gallery click Post Photos Online in the snapshot tab.

To send a single e-mail template follow all instructions above, except at step 4, choose Get Help from Templates and select the individual e-mail you'd like to send.


E-mails can be complicated and sensitive, don't hesitate to reach out to a member of support for more help with them. Also ask us about E-mail Package Customization and other great features offered for marketing.


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