How Do I Customize My Backprint Storefront?


So you are in, an official Backprint member but now you need to schnazz things up a bit.

Customizing your storefront is a great way to make your site more attractive to customers and potential clients.

Start by clicking the My Site link in Office

Next, locate and click the Storefront tab.

Once in the storefront you'll have options to customize all aspects of your front facing retail site. Begin by clicking Edit Your Storefront

Here you can do do several things that improve the look and feel of your site.

  • Upload a main and sub logo
  • Upload images for your slideshow
  • Enter social media account information
  • Setup your storefront welcome title
  • Enter welcome text or company description

Be sure to click Save when you've finished to ensure all changes are kept.

Note that changes may take up to 15 minutes to publish to the storefront


See example sites here-

Ken Shelton Photography (Custom CSS)

Action Sports Images

Endurance Imaging

If you are interested in custom css for your backprint site please contact with the subject "Custom CSS"

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