Tour of Backprint Office


You've completed signup, now it's time for a tour of your new "office".

Start by visiting (you'll need to enter your credentials to logon).

Take a survey of things you see when first logging on. It should look a little like this-

There are 2 primary navigation pieces in Backprint Office highlighted in blue and orange above. Get familiar with these, you'll be using them frequently.

Pages - Orange (Galleries, Reports, My Site and Support)
Pages navigate the primary sections of Backprint Office

Tabs - Light Blue - Tabs vary by page and typically pertain to the page type. IE Galleries page has tabs with information relating to Galleries.

In addition to Pages and Tabs, you'll also notice a few other areas highlighted.

In pink we have the Search tool. This is used for locating orders by number or galleries by name.

In green is the check and charge amounts. Checks are sent out on a bi-weekly schedule if you have over $100 payout. You can request a payout on the next pay period if you have not reached the $100 mark prior to the end of the pay period. Charges occur to the card you have on file with us on the 1st of every month.

In yellow you will find the Quicklinks section. This is used to give you quick access to some of your most commonly visited pages in Office.

In purple you will see your account information. This is the same information we keep on file for payment, accounting, and other important contact information. Be sure that all of this information is always updated and complete.

Now that you've toured the front "office" let's get familiar with creating and setting up galleries-


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