Features & Fixes - December 2013

We'd like to share the following updates and fixes made to the Backprint "www2" retail site:
  • Searching photos by keyword now works on the www2 platform.  For example, you can add alpha characters (letters) in the image keyword metadata field or in our bib/participant photo sorter and it will pull up the photos in a storefront search. Click here for sample and then search for MICHAEL as the bib. This was not supported in previous versions of the www2 site.
  • Added an automatic check for current browser versions.  Customers have to have one of the following browser versions or they will be prompted to update. (*Prompt will have links to browser download pages. These update prompts are in order to eliminate lost orders due to incompatible browsers.)
    • Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher
    • Firefox/Mozilla version 20.0 or higher
    • AppleMAC-Safari version 5.1 or higher
    • Chrome version 31.0 or higher
  • Issue with allowing items from multiple sites to be added to the same cart has been fixed. Customers will have to complete an order on one site before being able to place an order on another Backprint retail site.
  • Turned on caching to improve site performance.  Changes you make to the storefront from your Office site will take up to 15 minutes to publish. The benefit is better storefront site performance, including image loading times.

If you are not currently running on the new "www2" retail site and would like to learn more, please contact support@backprint.com.  

Thanks for your attention!

-The Backprint Team

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