Backprint 2.0 Platform - November 2013


Below is a list of changes resulting from the move from the Backprint "Classic" Platform to our new, "2.0" platform

Access to a new "www2" website storefront which includes new look and feel

template choices and workflow improvements. “www2” refers to the new

look/feel and version of backprint (version 2) that will eventually become the

new norm (as “classic backprint” is slowly but surely phased out ). The backprint

2.0 platform change will be automatic for all new users but existing users

must elect to be switched. Contact a member of the backprint support team if

you would like to have access to the new features.


Membership accounts

We've been working on a clean way to store payment info to streamling

wholesale order placing/payment. The membership account will also bill any

monthly charges. Backprint membership accounts allow backprint users to

elect certain miscellaneous backprint services (graphic arts work, email

design, sorting, video processing, etc..) and easily pay for these services with

a stored payment method. As part of these accounts, credit card information

is required at first logon into the new system. Certain partners will be eligible

for a waived monthly fee by proxy of their gross business with backprint.


New Product Menu

We are very excited to introduce a clean new master product menu and

default product templates. This new menu includes brand new products and

lower prices for some digital products (we've been listening to you). The new

product menu for backprint includes reduced pricing on digital products as

well as a “recommended” cart system for race and non-race partners. You’ll

find these “Recommended” carts in your product templates. These templates

are based on recommendations by the Backprint’s team of account managers.


E-mail Marketing Upgrades

We've been long overdue for an email delivery system upgrade. The new

email system is more robust and reliable to suit your business. We've also

added automated e-mail package campaigns for race partners. The e-mail

system overhaul moves backprint from its internally developed email system to

a third party email delivery service that will provide better reliability for the

increased events, users and accounts backprint supports. The backprint package

campaigns are designed to give backprint race partners access to an

automated e-mail delivery system. These e-mails aim to grow additional revenue

for each event through targeted marketing and reminders.


For all questions relating to the new Backprint platform please contact a member of support via


The Backprint Team









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