Email Template Clean Up


We are beginning an email template overhaul.

Our email marketing templates are there to help you easily load campaigns to send to your customers, and over the years we've added a few...dozen. The drop-down list has become a bit unwieldy, to put it mildly, so we're cleaning house. Next week we'll be deleting the majority of the old email templates, including those in the list below. 

After we've scrubbed the list, we'll be adding some nice new templates and campaign packages designed with a responsive template which will display well on mobile devices. You know, those little pocket computers.

List of Campaigns that will disappear:

1 of 2: Thanksgiving Week Sale Template
2 of 2: Thanksgiving Week Sale Template - Last Chance
2009 Holiday Email
2009 Holiday Ship Deadline Email
2010 Cyber Monday Email
2010 Holiday Email
2010 Labor Day Sale Email
2011 Holiday Email 
2012 sale 
2015 12 Days of Christmas - optional email 
2015 Back to School Sale Template
2015 Cyber Monday Sale Template
2015 End of Summer Sale Template
2015 Fall Sale - optional email 
2015 Father's Day - optional email
2015 Halloween Sale - optional email 
2015 Last Chance Digital Holiday Sale Template
2015 Mother's Day - optional email
2015 New Year Sale - optional email
2015 Veteran's Day - optional email
2016 Fourth of July Sale Template 
2016 Holiday Sale - Last Chance to Order Template
2016 Labor Day Sale
2016 Memorial Day Sale Template
2016 Spring Sale Template
2016 Spring Sale Template - Last Chance
Columbus Day Sale 
cyber monday
Cyber Monday Email
Cyber Monday Sale (SBS)
Cyber Monday Sale - Reminder 
Digital Last Chance
Email 2 - Photo Gifts
Email 3 - 25% off 
fall sale 2013 
farewell to summer 
Groundhog Day Sale! 
halloween sale 2014
holiday cards 2014
July 4 sale DRAFT
Labor Day Sale 2014 
Labor Day Sale Email
Labor Day Sale! 
Last Chance Email 
Memorial Day 2013
Memorial Day Sale
Memorial Day Sale
memorial day sale
Memorial Day Sale 2011
Memorial Day Sale 2012 DRAFT
New Year Campaign
OOPS! backprint
Postcard Mailer
Saint Patricks Sale
St. Patty's Day 
st. patty's email 2014
summer 2013 - sale #2
Summer Sale
Summer Sale 2
Summer Sale 2013 
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