Backprint Updates - January 2018


Partner Highlight - January - Facchino Photography - Event Photo: Eppie's Great Race


Happy New Year from Backprint!

We hope you had a great holiday reprieve.
The Backprint team is making plans and goals for 2018, but we wanted to take a look back with you all on 2017 and share some of what we learned from the year in event photography.


Looking Back On 2017

Here's a few interesting facts and figures from the past year

Retail Orders
In 2017 Backprint processed over 37,000 orders for partners.

Branded Images
Partners delivered over 1.5 million branded images to 360 events using Backprint.

Backprint partners uploaded 6.5 terabytes of photos, around 4 million photos across 1200 events.

Customer Product Preferences

While total order counts indicate prints were the most ordered product type, ultimately,  partners made greater total revenue on digital items. Frames, plaques and other presentation products ranked third with partner fulfilled wildcard products being the least ordered overall.

In 2017, Backprint sent over 8 million e-mails to event participants in all 50 states. Over 7.5 million customers visited Backprint storefronts.


What a year for event photography!

We're excited to be a part of your success in 2018.
Do you have additional questions about Backprint performance?
Drop us an e-mail.

Upcoming and newly added features & fixes on Backprint

  • Added features in office to request image count estimates for participant sorting. This eliminates the need for completing an IMW image estimate form online. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)
  • Did we mention you don't have to submit image estimates anymore? Check out this article
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a coupon code from being edited after it was created
  • Updated the order confirmation e-mail, removed references to specific delivery times
  • Updated partner FAQ and download pages to more relevant and updated delivery time information as well as copyright information
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