November 2017 - Updates & Sale Signup


Be cool, our next holiday e-mail sale is here!

Sign up to include your events in our Thanksgiving sale e-mail!
Preview the e-mail.

This campaign will send to events all the way back to January 2016 and include a 25% off coupon. 

Event Date Range: 1/1/2016 - 10/1/2017
Coupon code will be THANKS17.

Signup Here

The offer email will send Wednesday, November 22nd and the coupon expires Wednesday, November 29th.

If you don't opt-in to the automated sale you can still use the template and activate the associated coupon code to send to events of your choosing. Learn more here

Remember, you can specify which event ID's you don't want to sale to send to on the signup page.


Upcoming and newly added features & fixes on Backprint

  • New mobile responsive e-mail package templates coming ETA late November. These include Free Photo, Bike theme and Run themed e-mail campaigns to help automate your event marketing. Sneak Peek Here. Want a custom e-mail campaign? We can put one together for $25, let us know.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mobile cart to display improperly
  • Modified download all products (gallery download, photo cd, etc...) to import customer id during checkout, previously customer had to re-enter this information
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Office admin site to crash if a partner added too many products to an event.
  • Created a partner ID e-mail parameter, this will allow you to have your partner logo generated in an e-mail automatically.
  • Added an option in Office to choose where a forced overlay goes when this option is enabled on a gallery
  • Fixed an error that allowed characters in subject lines and emails to display improperly
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow multiple gallery downloads or photo cd orders of different participant ID's.
  • Removed redundant buttons from the order modal, these were legacy from old Internet Explorer support.
  • Fixed a javascript pop up issue on branded image events
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