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We just rolled out a new set of emails for our Branded Image Service! These emails allow you to create an email package that will send a set of pre-scheduled emails relevant to branded image events which include Facebook Opt-in, Free Photo Notification, and Print/Product Reminder. The emails will send over the course of several months, continually promoting the Branded Image features of the event.

You can event customize who gets credit for free photos, note the REPLACE WITH SPONSOR NAME text where you can update the e-mail to include sponsor information.

Sample Email from the campaign package:


List of emails in the new package:
*0 - PreRegister for Facebook Album Post - All Participants (2017)*
1 - Free Photos Online - Generic (Participants With Emails/No Photos) - Sends immediately (2017)
1 - Free Photos Online - Specific (Participants with emails/ photos) - Sends immediately (2017)
2 - Free Photo - Print-Prod Push - All Participants - sends 1 week after (2017)
3 - Photo Reminder - (All Participants) - sends 2 weeks after (2017)
The campaigns are flexible, too. You can choose to send all emails that load or just a selection.  
To Create The Campaign Package on your Branded Image Event
Simply select the "Branded/Sponsored Photo Campaign Package" from the add campaign package dropdown.
*Important Note - If you didn't request "Facebook Opt In" as part of your service for the event you'll want to delete the first e-mail "*0 - PreRegister for Facebook Album Post - All Participants (2017)*". Sending to an event without the service would likely confuse participants (or make them wish you did offer the service!) This is a separate service offered by Backprint for Branded Image events. If you'd like to learn more about it, check out this article.
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